Sunday, February 22, 2015

How To Create PhoneBook On NairaForSMS

NairaForSMS allows users to create and manage phonebooks when signed in to their accounts. You can create a phoneboook, let's say for the members of your club, so you won't have to be typing their phone numbers everytime you want to send bulk sms to them.

How To Get Started

==> Create a file with Notepad on your computer and type in your phone numbers one per line. Save it on your computer with any name eg name of your club.

==> Log in to your account at

==> Click on "View Phonebook"

phonebook create

==> Enter a name for the phonebook in the "Add new group" box

==> Click "Create Group"

==> Click "Upload Numbers from file"

upload to phonebook

==> Click the "Browse" button to select the Notepad file you saved on your computer

==> Select the name of the group and click "Upload Numbers".

That's all.

You can later add more phone numbers to the group by clicking on the "add multiple phone numbers to phonebook" button.

I hope this helps.

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