Friday, October 24, 2014

How To Pay for Bulk SMS With Nigerian Debit Cards

At, you can pay online with your Nigerian debit cards and your account will be credited INSTANTLY!!!


==> Log in to your account at

==> Click on "Buy SMS" link. You will see a page similar to the screenshot below;

VoguePay option

==> Specify the units of sms you want to purchase

==> Select the "VoguePay" payment option

==> Click "Submit"

You will be redirected to VoguePay secure payment processor page

Voguepay payment page

==> Select your payment type and click Proceed. (Choose "Interswitch/MasterCard/Verve" option if you're paying with GTB MasterCard)

==> You will be redirected to a new page where you will be prompted to enter your email address where your receipt will be sent to. Enter your email and click "Make Payment".

You will be then be redirected to the Interswitch gateway where you will have to enter your card details to complete your payment.

If successful, your Nairaforsms account will be credited instantly.

Kindly use the comment form below if you've got questions to ask as regards online payment for bulk sms at

NOTE: You must activate your debit card for online payment before you can use it to make payment successfully online. If it is a Mastercard, you will need to get a token device from your bank. If it is a Verve card, read : how to activate verve cards for online payments

Want to pay to the bank or want to use ATM?

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==> How To Send Bulk SMS at NairaForSMS


  1. Pls, can I pay with my GTB Naira Mastercard without the token device?

    1. No. The Interswitch gateway will request you enter the code generated from the GTB token for authorization of the card payment. Hence, you will need the token device.

  2. You said we will be credited instantly if we pay online with our cards. Please, does that means we don't need to send payment details to your after paying with card?

    1. You will be credited instantly. So, no need sending payment details to use after successful payment with your card. You only have to write down your transaction ID displayed at the VoguePay page should in case we need it from you.